L ast December, the Give Hope to The Slum Child Project Africa team was live at the Makoko, a slum settlement in Lagos of about a hundred thousand people that live in shanties that are erected over muddy waters.

The give hope to the slum child programme Africa is a Nigerian youth based non-government organisation founded in 2011 by fie young men with value addition and hope conferring at the core of their persons and with a prime vision of putting smiles on African faces.

At the projects 8th edition, which held in December, over 100,000 lives were touched by both direct contact and ripple effect with quality smiles taking to the inhabitants of the great community of Makoko. 

Loads of goodies were shared to individuals and families within the community with free school bags, math sets, stationeries and other essentials for quality schooling activities given to the kids .

A special intensive medical checkup, free medical consultations and free drug administration also held simultaneously. Children within the community were also offered free dental checkups, with the under 5 children given special attention via an extensive nutritional assessment package.

This great event was held in conjunction Itel mobile, one of the world’s largest mobile and tech brand. Members of staffs of the ite family were also on ground spreading joy and hope to adult and kids alike. History was made and it was by a group of African youth.