The founder of the Oduduwa University, Ile Ife, Osun Sßtate, Ramon Adedoyin, is by all standards a successful businessman and educationist of repute.

Two years ago, he was among several others who expressed interest in the Ooni of Ife stool, following the death of Oba Okunade Sijuade Olubuse 11.
The very influential  educationist  was among the over 60 candidates from different ruling houses, who desired the exalted title of the paramount ruler of Ile Ife, the cradle of Yorubaland.

It was gathered that the most ambitious among them was, and is still   Adedoyin, even when it was obvious to all that he did not readily qualify to contest the Obaship of Ile Ife by virtue of his maternal genealogy.
But  he would not be bothered at all, even in the face of mounting odds against him.
As fate would have it, the 16 official kingmakers pruned down the ruling houses to present the next Ooni-elect to the Giesi Family.
It was indeed a big blow to the highly-ambitious man. His power and money couldn’t save him. No doubt,  his ambition had been given a kiss of death.

Strangely, just when many thought it was all over, crisis is beginning to rear its ugly head in the ancient town again. Sadly,  the top educationist is alleged to be sponsoring a campaign of calumny against  Oba Ogunwusi.
A source  confirmed to Spy Glass that since the royal father ascended the throne, he has refused to see him eye-to-eye, and efforts by top and influential personalities in the town have proved abortive.
”Adedoyin believes he can turn back the hand of the clock! Since he was rejected by the kingmakers, he has refused to see the king one-on-one. But  the Ooni is unperturbed. The  whole kingmakers have warned him to desist from what could disturb the peace and unity of Ile Ife,” the source said.