Hammed Oke, young and vivacious is at it again.  This time,  he is set to change the face of  the entertainment industry,  especially in Ikeja,  the capital of Lagos State.
In fulfilment of this desire,  he came about with  Blackwood  Grills and Bar,  an outfit that many have  described as a definitive statement in hospitality business.
Spyglass gathered that  the exclusive dancing bar cum restaurant  is currently making impacts in his new foray, while gradually becoming a force to be reckoned with in nightclubbing business in Lagos. The place reportedly becoming a  haven for top celebrities, socialites and fun lovers who love the conducive  and beautiful ambience for catching  fun unhindered.
The building as revealed is an architectural delight, parading immaculate surroundings, which makes it an ideal place for pleasure and business. With a hallow of paradise, the watering hole, unique features, designed interiors, laced with contemporary furnishings, elegant styling with great attention to details.

The mercurial dude behind the concept, surely expressed his stylish inclination by putting up a very alluring and comfortable edifice, that, if you are looking for the perfect backdrop to a candlelight dinner or a kingly buffet, then you need not look too far, as Blackwood Restaurant proposes intercontinental cuisines, and finally has exquisite lodging facility, to make it a complete world of hospitality and pampering.
Since it officially threw its doors open during the yuletide, it has arrested the minds of the Lagos jet set crowd, nouveaux rich and habitual fun-seekers, who have now literarily turned Blackwood into their second home. Trust cosmopolitan Hammed, he will not stop to make good his arrival in the hospitality sector.