By Urowayino  Jeremiah

The Niger Delta Support Group (NIDSG) has called on the Federal and state governments to declare an economic state of emergency in the Niger Delta region, noting that poverty is the highest level of insecurity that threatens the people of the region.

The group made this assertion at a meeting held during the weekend in Delta State.

Members of NIDSG in Delta State

According to NIDSG, “The federal government does not waste time in declaring a state of emergency whenever there is a threat to its national security in the region as we have seen in recent times such as Operation Crocodile Smile 1 and 2, Operation Python Dance . In the same vein, it should declare an economic state of emergency because the deplorable state of the region and its people ought to be the major concern of the federal government.

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“What we see is a deliberate attempt to strangulate and snuff out the economic oxygen of the region by undermining the economic potentials of its ports while NNPC and NLNG have become like bullion vans for transporting wealth from the region to unknown destination.

“Sadly, the billions of Dollar reported missing from NLNG is happening right under the watch of President Buhari who is the Petroleum minister.

“We urged the Federal and State governments to engage relevant stakeholders across the region, not self-styled leaders on developing an economic map and blueprint for developing the region and its peoples.

“ We reiterate our call for a restructured Nigeria where there be will decentralization of power to regions.